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I am pleased to introduce to you …. The Marketing Bar!

I have spent years working closely with real estate agents and have experienced the ebbs and flows of market shifts, marketing trends and technology revolutions. Through each transition, my sole focus, as the CEO and Creative Director of the Michael Lewis Marketing Suite has been on the creation and curation of a platform that empowers agents to broadcast and deliver their story through visually appealing graphics and meaningful messaging. While on some levels I believe I have delivered on that focus, I have continued to seek out better solutions to help agents navigate the intricacies of the ever changing landscape of the real estate industry, which led me to The Marketing Bar!

Time and time again in my consultations with agents, I heard that, while attracted to the opportunity to brand themselves, agents were desperately seeking the “who” and the “done for you” marketing model!  Taking this to heart, I reached out to top agents and leadership across the country and formed a focus group with the intention of building this desired platform. After countless conversations, research, revisions and modifications, I came up with The Marketing Bar, The Easy Button For World Class Marketing!

My journey to The Marketing Bar has truly been a labor of love and I am delighted to share it with all the real estate agents out there.

Michael Lewis
CEO and Creative Director